HENI 2023 Year in Review

4 min read  ·  22 Dec 2023


HENI cut through the winter gloom in February with HENI Editions’ exciting launch of 'Rubikcubism' by Invader, four vibrant prints of artworks from Invader’s acclaimed series using Rubik’s Cubes.

In February, HENI Talks also released the film ‘The Great East Window: Brian Clarke’, in which the world-renowned stained glass artist discusses his formative experience of viewing the famed window at York Minster.

Rubikcubism', Invader, 2023


In March, HENI Editions made waves with the release of Damien Hirst’s The Beautiful Paintings, a revolutionary new artwork that blurs the boundaries between digital and physical art creation using generative and machine learning algorithms.

'The Beautiful Paintings', Damien Hirst, 2023


Summer got off to an exciting start with the opening of the exhibition A Great Light, presented by HENI at Newport Street Gallery, London. Celebrating Brian Clarke’s 70th year, the exhibition features some of the artist’s monumental stained glass works from his prolific career.

In June HENI also partnered with Serpentine Galleries to present the 22nd annual Serpentine Pavilion designed by French-Lebanese, Paris-based architect Lina Ghotmeh and titled À Table.

Ardath, Brian Clarke, 2023


HENI’s eventful summer continued in July, as HENI Primary presented the exhibition Where the Land Meets the Sea by Damien Hirst at Phillips’ London galleries, featuring original paintings from Hirst’s ‘Coast Paintings’, ‘Sea Paintings’, and ‘Seascapes’ series. HENI Editions also released 12 unique prints of works from the exhibition.

'Seascapes' (2021) & 'Sea Paintings' (2022), Damien Hirst


Summer concluded with the launch of the new HENI Art Club in August, featuring a new website and improved digital library including over 12,000 eBooks available to HENI Art Club members.

HENI Art Club Digital Library


Autumn was a lively time for HENI Publishing, featuring the release of two major titles in September. HENI Publishing’s Craig Wood Catalogue Raisonné is the first published retrospective of the British conceptual artist’s oeuvre, with its launch event held at HENI Gallery. MadC: Color Rhythms was also released as a limited run of 500 hand-signed, numbered copies, featuring works from the acclaimed artist’s collection of 1,000 unique NFTs.

MadC: Color Rhythms


October was a major month in the HENI calendar, starting with another exciting HENI Publishing release: Hans Ulrich Obrist’s Remember to Dream, a physical manifestation of the author-curator's ongoing Instagram project dedicated to the importance of handwriting in the digital age, with its launch events held at HENI Gallery in London and Art Basel Miami Beach.

HENI Editions released a new series of 6 prints by Peter Doig after some of his most celebrated recent paintings. Meanwhile, HENI Primary released 'Paper Blossoms' by Damien Hirst, a series of 900 unique original paintings on card featuring the vibrant imagery of the artist's ‘Cherry Blossoms’ paintings.

HENI Talks also debuted the film ‘A Great Light: Brian Clarke in Conversation with Damien Hirst’, which takes place among the monumental works displayed in the A Great Light exhibition at Newport Street Gallery.

Peter Doig: New Release 2023


In November, HENI celebrated several major releases from acclaimed artists. HENI Editions launched both the physical prints for ‘Great Expectations’ by Damien Hirst, following the collection of 10,000 NFTs first released by the artist in 2021, as well as ‘The Blind Exit’, a new limited edition print by Irish artist Conor Harrington.

HENI Primary released ‘Collages’ by Brian Clarke, a series of 327 unique works created in 2022 and 2023 that featured in the A Great Light Exhibition. Prints of some ‘Collages’ were also released by HENI Editions in June.

HENI Talks also released another insightful film, ‘A Casket of Jewels: The Art and Architecture of Coventry Cathedral’ with Dr James Fox, who sheds light on the visionary reconstruction of the historic cathedral.

'Collages', Brian Clarke, 2022-23


HENI closed out the year with the exciting release of 'NFT:WTF?', a new feature-length documentary that examines the disruptive force of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in the contemporary art scene through the unique perspectives of leading digital artists, celebrities, and crypto billionaires.