Brian Clarke – 'A Great Light' exhibition at Newport Street Gallery

3 min read  ·  16 Jun 2023

HENI is delighted to present A Great Light, a major show by Brian Clarke on view at Newport Street Gallery from 9 June to 24 September 2023.

This exhibition of works by Brian Clarke, widely regarded as the world’s leading artist working in stained glass today, celebrates his 70th year and extraordinary career with a diverse selection of works from 2002 to the present day.

This spectacular new installation of the artist’s glass shows how flexible and wide-ranging the medium can truly be. His latest work is Ardath, a 42 square-metre wall of mouth-blown glass that bathes the gallery in light and colour, as flowering meadow motifs build up a rich and dense tapestry in etched glass. Another new work, Stroud Ossuary, depicts hundreds of skulls towering some 10 metres above visitors, with each graphically etched skull carefully placed on traditional lead lines.

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Collages, 2022-2023

Other works by Clarke are on a more intimate scale. His recent Kabinettscheiben are based upon his latest series of collages and drawings. In earlier works, visitors can meander through a gallery filled with vibrantly coloured folding screens, layering a multitude of patterns and colours. All eight prints from Clarke’s new series ‘Collages’ (G5), a limited edition release from HENI, are also on display at the exhibition.

HENI invites the public to attend the opening event of this exciting show on Thursday, 8 June from 6 pm to 8 pm at Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery.

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Don't Forget the Lamb, 2007-2008

About the Artist
Brian Clarke is an internationally acclaimed artist whose work over the past five decades spans a wide range of genres and mediums. Widely considered the most important artist working in stained glass today, he has revolutionised the medium not only technologically but also philosophically, pushing the boundaries of what it can achieve. Equally important is his pictorial practice, explored in painting, sculpture, lead work, mosaic, drawing, collage and tapestry.

Still, Clarke's primary medium is light itself. His art is imbued with tradition, but it is also radically inventive and reconsiders mainstream notions of what his various practices can achieve. Through them, Clarke interrogates the extremes of transparency and opacity, light and dark, absence and presence, and order and chaos. His unique and radical approach has earned him numerous awards and honours, and his artworks have been shown in prestigious collections and institutions worldwide such as The Victoria and Albert Museum, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Corning Museum of Glass New York, and Tate London.

HENI Editions presents Brian Clarke - Collages
HENI Editions, Fondation Beyeler and Serpentine are delighted to present 'Collages' (G5) by Brian Clarke, a new limited edition print series.

'Collages' comprises a series of eight prints after some of Brian Clarke’s most acclaimed recent collages. The application period for ‘Collages’ opens on 8 June and will last 14 days, closing at 17:00 BST on 22 June 2023.

There are 100 editions plus 25 artist proofs of each print, priced at $950 (plus applicable taxes) per edition. The editions are Diasec-mounted Giclée prints on aluminium composite panel and measure 50 x 35.4 cm. Each work is hand-signed by the artist and numbered on the label.