A Great Light: Brian Clarke in Conversation with Damien Hirst

3 min read  ·  07 Oct 2023

Join two of Britain's greatest contemporary artists for an engaging conversation about art and life in ‘A Great Light: Brian Clarke in Conversation with Damien Hirst’.

Watch as these great artists and close friends embark on a deeply personal discussion that lends insight into their work and the minds behind it. Clarke’s latest exhibition ‘A Great Light’, presented by HENI at Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery in London, provides the stunning backdrop for this memorable conversation. Follow Damein Hirst and Brian Clarke as they first explore some highlights from the show, which looks back at Clarke’s prolific oeuvre of stained glass artworks in honour of his 70th birthday. From Clarke’s latest work, Ardath, a captivating 42-square-metre wall of vibrant mouth-blown glass completed in 2023, to some of his most-acclaimed works from the past decades, discover the secrets behind Clarke’s practice. Across these works, Clarke reveals some of the major technological advancements in stained glass that he developed, as well as the difficult experiences that inspired some of his most personal pieces.

Watch as the film turns to an intimate conversation between these friends, as the two artists discuss their approach to their work, their personal philosophies, and their life experiences in-depth. Gain insight into the working-class upbringing in the North of England that shaped Clarke’s love for stained glass as a child, and the resistance and challenges that both artists faced early on in their careers. The two legends of contemporary British art also discuss their shared interest in what Hirst calls ‘universal themes’ of life and death in art. They deliberate on the place of art in their lives, as a force for good, a sort of spirituality, or a way to discover oneself.

In ‘A Great Light: Brian Clarke in Conversation with Damien Hirst’, two of the world’s greatest living artists come together to share unparalleled insight on their artistic careers, their processes, and the way art continues to shape their lives.