The Great East Window: Brian Clarke

3 min read  ·  08 Feb 2023

Now available from HENI Talks,The Great East Window: Brian Clarke.

Experience the wonder of one of the greatest artistic masterpieces of the medieval era in HENI Talks’ latest film, ‘The Great East Window: Brian Clarke’. World-renowned stained glass and architectural artist Brian Clarke takes viewers on a transformative exploration of this deeply moving work of art found in York Minster.

Clarke is the perfect guide for this artistic journey, as the Great East Window proved formative in the development of his own acclaimed artistic practice. He explains to viewers how he was forever changed by visiting the Minster with his primary school as a young boy. While viewing the Great East Window for the first time, Clark was so moved by the profound combination of vivid light dancing on the Gothic stonework and the echo of soothing choral music that he fainted! His connection to the Minster is so profound that he enlivens the space and the window in a way that no one else could.

Allow yourself to be transported to a glorious past as you embark on a visual and historical exploration of York Minster’s stained glass masterpiece. Designed in 1405 and executed over the course of three years, the Great East Window was one of the most important artistic commissions anywhere in the world in its time. Clarke uses his expertise in the stained glass medium to reveal the complex processes and network of artisans and workers required to bring this creation to life.

Be awed by the impact this majestic, luminous space would have had on medieval viewers, as Clarke illuminates details of the Great East Window’s narrative story and reveals surprising insight into the true role of stained glass within the medieval Minster. He also guides viewers through the medieval artist’s incredible feat of harmonising the radiant, jewel-like glass with the strong stone architecture of the cathedral.

Embark on a journey with HENI and Brian Clarke to experience the timeless magic of the Great East Window. Learn why this masterpiece of colour and light has continued to captivate viewers and inspire wonder for hundreds of years right up to the present day.