Peter Doig — 6 New Limited Edition Prints

2 min read  ·  05 Oct 2023

HENI is delighted to release a new series of six prints by Peter Doig after some of his celebrated recent paintings.

There are two large prints, Alpinist and House of Music (Soca Boat), available as an edition of 25 plus 5 artist proofs and priced at $20,000 (plus any applicable taxes). The four smaller artworks, Alpinist, House of Music (Soca Boat), Alice at Boscoe's, and Music (2 Trees), are an edition of 250 plus 25 artist proofs, priced at $3,500 (plus any applicable taxes). The artworks are Giclée prints on Cotton Smooth Rag, framed in oak, numbered and hand-signed by the artist.

The application period for the prints opens on 5 October and will last 11 days, closing at 17:00 BST on 16 October 2023.

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6 Limited Edition Prints
Starting their lives as paintings, the prints offer a glimpse into Doig’s nomadic life. Alpinist depicts a snow-covered Swiss ski scene, the mesmerising Alice at Boscoe's evokes a sunny Caribbean afternoon, and House of Music (Soca Boat) and Music (2 Trees) captures Trinidadian seascapes and landscapes. Throughout, memories of places, moments and people are the driving force behind an eclectic but captivating group.

The artworks fall within Doig’s long history of producing prints in parallel with his paintings. As ultra-high resolution Giclée prints on Cotton Smooth Rag that give the impression of being paint on canvas, these editions capture the uniquely textural qualities of the original paintings.

To ensure a fair and broad distribution, the limited edition artworks are being sold on an application basis for a limited time only. If you would like to purchase a work, click ‘Apply Now’ and fill out the application form.

Peter Doig
Peter Doig is renowned for his visionary paintings, prints and works on paper that transform ordinary moments from life into captivating compositions rich in colour. Doig’s artistic voice has always been distinct thanks to his highly representational and “filmic” style. His practice is in constant conversation with his itinerant lifestyle, moving between places like Trinidad, Canada and Britain, resulting in images with suggestive narratives that are deeply embedded in the artist’s sense of place.

Doig’s art blends real and imagined elements, portraying both everyday scenes and somewhat fantastical visions with a dream-like quality. His works, encompassing diverse subjects and locations, continue to be thoughtful reflections on the everyday that invite viewers to take a second look and reconsider what we classify as mundane.

Detail of Alice at Boscoe's

Visit HENI Gallery
All the prints are on display at the HENI Gallery for the duration of the drop. Admission to the gallery is free, with no appointment required.

HENI Gallery
6–10 Lexington St, London, W1F 0LB
Open seven days a week, 10am–6pm.

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