Invader – Rubikcubism

2 min read  ·  31 Jan 2023

HENI Editions is delighted to present 'Rubikcubism' by Invader, four colour-filled prints from Invader’s acclaimed series of Rubik’s Cube artworks.

The prints are composed of Diasec-mounted Giclée on aluminium composite panel, each measuring 100 x 100 cm, and priced at $3,000 (plus any applicable taxes). The number of editions produced will be limited by demand during the drop window, which is open from 2 February until 11:59pm GMT on 12 February 2023.

"To create these artworks, I spent days in my studio twisting cubes, like painters would do mixing colours on their palette."

- Invader

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Invaded Cube (NVDR1-1) from Rubikcubism, Invader, 2023

Begun in 2005, Invader's 'Rubikcubism' series of sculptures constructs images solely using the six-colour palette and square tiles found on a Rubik's Cube. In doing so, the resulting images convey a similar impact to the abstractions of Pointillism or Cubism, with the subject of the artwork made visible only through physical distance or when viewed through a smartphone.

The 'Rubikcubism' (NVDR1) prints represent highlights from Invader's series thus far, translating the original sculpture-images into a new medium and format. Invaded Cube (NVDR1-1) is a Rubik's Cube with the artist's logo, and Rubik Camouflage (NVDR1-2) uses the Rubik's Cube to replicate his iconic alien motif. Rubik Country Life (NVDR1-3) emerges from his 'Rubik Low Fidelity' series of works after the covers of his favourite albums, while Rubik Shot Red (NVDR1-4) Marilyn is a highlight from his 'Rubik Master Pieces' series of tributes to great artworks. Though each distinct, the prints remain unified under the same aesthetic, which fuses inspiration from video games and pop culture.

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Detail of Invaded Cube (NVDR1-1) from 'Rubikcubism', Invader, 2023

About Invader
The elusive street artist Invader uses his now-ubiquitous pixelated characters to bring the digital world to the physical world and art to the masses. Self-described as an Unidentified Free Artist (UFA) whose identity is perennially hidden behind masks and digital pixelations, his pseudonym reflects his artistic practice – to invade public spaces with art.

What started as a playful attempt to make his art more publicly visible by pasting his first mosaic onto a Parisian wall in 1998 now consists of over 4,000 works on a global scale. Invader’s artwork was even the first art to be exhibited in space and can be found on the International Space Station.

Invader has challenged the traditional boundaries of the art world, holding solo exhibitions at prestigious galleries from Paris to Osaka. Though he has never abandoned his dedication to street art, Invader has expanded his practice into new media, shown in his 'Rubikcubism' series where he creates painting-sculptures made with Rubik's Cubes.

Invader – Rubikcubism
Series: NVDR1
Medium: Diasec-mounted Giclée on aluminium composite panel, weighing 13.5 kg
Details: Numbered and hand-signed on the label.
Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
Date: 2023
Frame: No

Edition Sizes
(NVDR1-1) Invaded Cube: 459
(NVDR1-2) Rubik Camouflage: 812
(NVDR1-3) Rubik Country Life: 431
(NVDR1-4) Rubik Shot Red Marilyn: 774