The Archangels - Damien Hirst

3 min read  ·  23 Apr 2024

HENI is delighted to present The Archangels, a series of four limited edition prints by Damien Hirst based on paintings from his Cherry Blossoms series.

The artworks are Giclée prints on archival fine art paper, set within a walnut frame measuring 60.5 x 152.5 cm. Each artwork is hand-signed by the artist and numbered on the front. The edition size of each print is limited to 100 (plus 20 APs). The Archangels are priced at US $7,500 each (plus any applicable taxes).

The application window is open for two days only, from 23 April until 18:00 BST on 25 April. Each application will be reviewed individually, and a manual allocation will take place to ensure fair and broad distribution.

The Archangels prints are based on four quadriptychs from Damien Hirst’s Cherry Blossoms series. The original works were named after the archangels Raphael, Uriel, Michael and Gabriel respectively. Speaking of the Cherry Blossoms series, Hirst said:

"The Cherry Blossoms are about beauty and life and death…They’re decorative but taken from nature. They’re about desire and how we process the things around us and what we turn them into, but also about the insane visual transience of beauty – a tree in full crazy blossom against a clear sky."

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All of the prints are on display at the HENI Gallery for the duration of the drop. Admission to the gallery is free, with no appointment required.

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