The Secrets — Damien Hirst

2 min read  ·  25 Jan 2024

The Secrets by Damien Hirst, 8 unique prints based on works from The Secret Gardens Paintings.

HENI is delighted to present The Secrets by Damien Hirst, 8 unique prints that depict thriving, flourishing gardens, based on works from his latest series, The Secret Gardens Paintings.

The editions are laminated Giclée prints on aluminium composite panel, each measuring 120 x 93 cm. Each artwork is numbered and hand-signed on the label by the artist, and priced at $3,500 (plus any applicable taxes).

The number of editions will be limited by demand during the drop window, which lasts from 25 January until 17:00 GMT on 5 February.

Collectors can store their artworks in the HENI Vault. Our bonded fine art warehouse gives maximum flexibility to collectors by delaying delivery and customs duties until a later date.

About The Secrets

The Secrets editions are based on the paintings from Hirst’s latest series, The Secret Gardens Paintings (2023). Rendered in a rich and diverse palette, these works capture lush landscapes, populated by seemingly endless species of flowers. They mark a natural evolution in Hirst’s own practice, and his long engagement with the tension between realism and abstraction. The interrelation between humanity and the environment is an important theme: Hirst said that he wants the works “to feel like the hope and futility we get when we try to control nature.”

The Secret Gardens Paintings were first unveiled at Frieze London in 2023 to mark the 20th anniversary of the fair. A selection of the paintings will go on view at Château La Coste in March 2024 for a major exhibition of Hirst’s sculptures and paintings, titled ‘The Light That Shines’.

"I love gardens and how they make time stand still and how you can get lost in them, but I love it more when they run wild and develop a mind of their own. "

- Damien Hirst

The HENI Vault

We are excited to offer the HENI Vault, a storage service which gives flexibility to collectors who don't have immediate space to store their artworks. Our fine art warehouse features a secure, climate-controlled environment in the UK. With its customs-bonded status, the Vault not only ensures the safekeeping of your artworks but also allows the deferral of delivery and customs duties until you decide to withdraw your artworks.

Here's how it works:

  • After the close of the drop, your artworks will enter production, during which there will be no storage charges.
  • Three months post-drop, a monthly subscription fee of $15 per artwork kicks in for using the HENI Vault.
  • You have the freedom to withdraw your artworks at any time. A handling and administration charge of $25 applies to each withdrawal.

For more details please visit our FAQs section.


All of the print are on display at the HENI Gallery for the duration of the drop. Admission to the gallery is free, with no appointment required.

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