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Rembrandt: Facing the Darkness

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The Articulation Prize 2019 was won by Zach Taylor for his heartfelt and intelligent discussion of Rembrandt's self-portraits, an adaption of which was filmed by HENI Talks at the National Gallery.

Zach explores how through facing the darkness in his personal life Rembrandt brings his viewers into the light. With his mastery of chiaroscuro and references to the great artists of the past, he positioned himself as a master of a new age: confident in his talents yet honest about the effects of painful life experiences.

Articulation is an initiative that provides a platform for students to develop their confidence and ability by expressing their opinions, thoughts and ideas through the arts and public speaking. The initiative seeks to champion young people regardless of background and experience. Articulation began in 2006 at the Roche Court Educational Trust and merged with the National Gallery in 2022.

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Zach Taylor is a 17-year-old sixth form student at Abbey Grange Academy in Leeds and was awarded First Prize at the Articulation Prize 2019 for his thoughtful and heartfelt talk on Rembrandt's Self-Portrait aged 51/53. This was adapted to consider further self-portraits by Rembrandt and filmed at the National Gallery with HENI Talks.

Zach is the first student to win Articulation's Discovery Challenge -- for GCSE students -- to then continue on and win the ARTiculation Prize.

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