HENI Talks x Articulation: Richard Long, 'Tame Buzzard Line'

HENI Talks x Articulation: Richard Long, 'Tame Buzzard Line'

Cassius Ashcroft and Femi Themen - alumni of the ARTiculation Prize - explore Richard Long's site-specific sculpture Tame Buzzard Line, reflecting on the work's relationship to the landscape and exploring themes of time, environmentalism and Buddhist philosophy.

This is the third film released in a collaborative series with ARTiculation celebrating 'Young Voices' engaging with art.

Articulation is an initiative that provides a platform for students to develop their confidence and ability by expressing their opinions, thoughts and ideas through the arts and public speaking. The initiative seeks to champion young people regardless of background and experience. Articulation began in 2006 at the Roche Court Educational Trust and merged with the National Gallery in 2022.

Time Period:

21st century

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