Building St Paul's: The Nation's Church

Building St Paul's: The Nation's Church

The Great Fire of 1666. Great swathes of London were reduced to rubble, including its cathedral. The idea of a replacement at such a moment of catastrophe was inconceivable for many. However, young architect Sir Christopher Wren -- a 'great geometric genius' -- not only imagined a new cathedral, but also a plan for the new city.

In this talk, Art Historian Sandy Nairne tours the resplendent architecture of St Paul's. Discover the extraordinarily complex feats of engineering Wren devised in order to erect the church's iconic -- and significantly weighty -- dome; all the while attempting to create a sense of open, light and graceful space.

Wren's edifice represented a new kind of openness for the many, and not just for the few. Over the centuries, St Paul's has become the splendid focal point for many of our national sentiments.

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