Paula Rego: Giving Fear a Face

Paula Rego: Giving Fear a Face

Paula Rego grew up in Portugal under the shadow of dictatorship. She became aware of the power of the unspoken as keeping secrets was vital to survival. In a career that has spanned six decades, her paintings are frequently inspired by her personal fears, desires and a passion to fight injustice.

Tate curator Elena Crippa takes us through the work of Rego, from the personal loss that influenced some of her major paintings to her response to social inequality in her native Portugal.

Comparing Rego's works to those of some of the giants of art history, Crippa shows us how Rego deserves to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. In her pictures women take centre stage, confident in their physical and emotional strength. Rego might be scared but she'll look the devil in the face.

Time Period:

20th century