Isabel Rawsthorne Rediscovered: The Poetry in Things

Isabel Rawsthorne Rediscovered: The Poetry in Things

"We think of Isabel as ... this incredibly glamourous figure ... but she challenged that fundamental divide between the model and artist ... in a way, when she was the subject of Giacometti, of Bacon, she was also an artist." - Carol Jacobi

Defying expectations, Isabel Rawsthorne (1912 - 1992) made a place for herself amongst contemporaries in early 20th century visual art, ending up at the centre of the Paris avant-garde. Her ingenuity as an artists' model won her the freedom to paint, a vocation she would pursue for 75 years. A lifelong natural historian, Rawsthorne's ephemeral images are informed by her observations of the language of gesture and movement, from her poetic depictions of animals to her embattled self-portraits. Guided by curator Carol Jacobi, discover artist Isabel Rawsthorne, "a missing link of 20th century art".

Time Period:

20th century