Gerhard Richter: Doubt

Gerhard Richter: Doubt

Can we really trust in what we see? Gerhard Richter's oeuvre makes us cast doubt on the given 'truth' before our eyes. The artist has spent much of his sixty-year career confronting the nature of images, questioning their means of representation and their degradation. The result is paintings that do not simply depict the often-charged subject matter at hand, like a painting of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in 2011, or of the crematoria at Birkenau, but paintings that depict the mediated circumstances of the representation of that history.

As such, one may feel a sense of unease looking at a work by Richter, but as Robert Storr professes: 'Doubt is not a negative thing. It's something that pulls the rug out from under certainty. But if certainty is what has brought us any number of ideological and political nightmares, maybe less certainty is a good thing.'

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