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What is: Degenerate Art?

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'When art is condemned, fascism prevails.' --- Dr Brad Evans

Political Philosopher Dr. Brad Evans explores the concept of 'Degenerate Art', a term adopted by the Nazi Party in 1920s Germany to describe art that did not conform to their ideal vision of the world, culminating in the now infamous Degenerate Art exhibition held in Munich in 1937.


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Brad Evans is a political philosopher, critical theorist, and writer, who specialises on the problem of violence. A professor at the university of Bath, he is author of over 20 books and edited volumes, including most recently Ecce Humanitas: beholding the pain of humanity (2021); Conversations on Violence (2021); The Quarantine Files (2020); The Atrocity Exhibition (2019) and Violence: Humans in Dark Times (2018). He leads the LA Review of Books "Histories of Violence" section.

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