Brian Clarke: The Art of Light

Brian Clarke: The Art of Light

A lifelong exponent of the integration of art and architecture, and celebrated for his paintings, sculpture, ceramics, mosaic, and his radical innovation in stained glass, Brian Clarke has been a major figure in contemporary art for the last four decades.

Distilling the euphoria of form and colour, Clarke's oeuvre is testament to the fact that 'artistic practice has the ability to change the shape of things, has the ability to transform the world.' This film charts his life and career from a modest upbringing in Oldham, through cutting-edge Punk years, to producing the single largest pieces of stained glass in the world at this time.

With contributions from Paul Greenhalgh, Director, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts; photographer Ralph Gibson; Dame Zaha Hadid; Sir Peter Cook; and June Osborne, DL, Bishop of Llandaff.

Time Period:

20th century

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