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This Week’s Top Stories: Picasso’s $139m Portrait, Damien Hirst’s Great Expectations Drop and Who Stole Maurizio Cattelan’s Gold Toilet?

3 min read  ·  10 Nov 2023

Femme à la montre by Pablo Picasso sold for $139.4m. Image courtesy of Sotheby's

Femme à la montre by Pablo Picasso sold for $139.4m. Image courtesy of Sotheby's

Picasso’s $139m Portrait of His Mistress Leads New York’s Auctions

New York's auction week got off to an eye-catching start with a $139m Picasso and a record-breaking $19m Agnes Martin. Emily Fisher Landau’s blue-chip collection totaled $406m at Sotheby's, a strong result in an uncertain market. (HENI News)

Damien Hirst Drops Great Expectation NFT Prints

Collectors who own one of Damien Hirst's Great Expectations can now purchase a print of the work featured on their NFT. The prints are available on HENI Editions until January 18. (FAD)

Four Men Charged With Maurizio Cattelan Toilet Heist

In the UK, four men have been charged over the theft of Maurizio Cattelan's America. The artist’s 18-carat gold toilet has never been seen since it was stolen from Blenheim Palace. (BBC News).

Brazilian Female Artists In São Paulo Spotlight

Wanda Pimentel is among the Brazilian female artists recieving recognition in museum surveys and gallery shows across São Paulo, joining better known names such as Lygia Clark. (Hyperallergic)

The Andy Warhol Museum Is Expanding

A $45m new wing of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh could open in 2026 with construction work due to begin next spring. (Smithsonian)