'The Artist's Studio' – talk by James Hall

2 min read  ·  01 Dec 2022

Discover The Artist’s Studio in the latest HENI Art Club talk by art critic and historian James Hall

The artist’s workplace has always been an imaginary as well as an actual location, an idealised utopia as well as the domain of dirty, back-breaking work. From Ancient Greece to the present day, James Hall uncovers the myth and reality of these private creative spaces, tracing a history that extends far beyond the bohemian, romantic and renaissance cults of the artist.

Written descriptions, paintings, prints, and even photographs of the artist’s atelier distort this reality as much as they document it. Leading authority on the subject James Hall brings these spaces to life, uncovering the little-known reality of the artist’s studio.

As part of the event, HENI will run a competition for one person to win a physical copy of Hall's book, The Artist's Studio: A Cultural History. At the start of the event attendees will be asked three questions, email HENI Art Club with the correct answers once the event has ended to be entered to win.

The Artist's Studio: A Cultural History is available for HENI Art Club members to purchase in the print bookshop at a 25% discount.

All attendees will receive a HAT (HENI Attendance Token).