Introducing HENI Attendance Tokens (HATs)

1 min read  ·  22 Sep 2022

HENI is delighted to announce the launch of HENI Attendance Tokens (HATs), a new type of digital attendance token for HENI events.

HATs are NFTs issued to commemorate events, providing a way for participants to remember the occasion. They are not artworks in their own right, but an exclusive collectible memento.

Having issued POAPs for previous events, we decided it was time to create our own form of attendance token. We are always looking to push the boundaries and keep innovating. Using our own platform will provide us with greater flexibility.

All existing HENI POAPs will be migrated to the new HAT platform. If you’ve already received a HENI POAP, a new HAT will be minted to the same wallet address (with no action required on your part).

Please note all HATs are being minted on Palm. They are not currently supported for use with the Palm bridge, although this may change in the future.

Visit the HAT Gallery to view all HATs or connect your wallet to view your My HATs page.