Introducing HENI Primary

2 min read  ·  15 Nov 2022

HENI is proud to announce the launch of HENI Primary.

The new platform will enable artists to release original works of art on a dedicated digital platform, bringing the traditional fine art experience online.

The platform will focus on the primary sale of original artworks, traditionally only handled by galleries or directly by artists’ studios. The marketplace will launch with the sale of Damien Hirst’s series 'Paper Veils', a collection consisting of 302 striking paintings on paper completed between 2018 and 2019. The series features 100 large works and 200 smaller works, as well as two polyptychs.

The sales on HENI Primary will be application-based, and customers will have the opportunity to request a specific artwork preference from the series during this process. The application period will vary depending on the release.