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Paper Veils

HENI is delighted to present Damien Hirst’s Paper Veils, a series of 300 striking paintings on card completed in 2019, and available in two sizes.

Applications are open for a limited period of time, closing at 5pm GMT on 6 December 2022. Each application will be reviewed individually, and a manual allocation will take place to ensure fair and broad distribution.

This release also marks the launch of HENI Primary, a new online platform for artists to release original works of art.

A digital platform for artists to release original works of art

Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst is a British artist whose name has become synonymous with contemporary art. Since his generative work as a student at Goldsmiths School of Art, Hirst's production has been boundary−redefining in nature. Working primarily in installation, painting, sculpture and drawing, Hirst explores the complex relationships between art, beauty, religion, science, life and death. He constantly returns to his foundational interests and themes, which he reworks to develop an innovative visual language.

"I want you to get lost in them, I want you to fall into them, and I want them to delight your eyes and make you want to stay in the painting."

300 Paintings

In these new iterations of Hirst's Veil Paintings (2017), the enveloping, meditative compositions recall the vibrancy of his Visual Candy series (1993-95), drawing influence from Pointillism as well as the compositions and rapturous colour of Pierre Bonnard.

Thick, clustered and colourful brushstrokes are organised into constellations that form seemingly infinite layers, which, like a veil, appear to both reveal and obscure. The Paper Veil compositions seem to recede endlessly, as if inviting a viewer into the paintings' mysterious depths.

The Paper Veils suggest a constant state of transformation, appearing to Hirst during their production 'like the stars in the milky way or like details of plants, or exploding fireworks in the sky or fields of colourful countryside seen from the air'. Bearing unequivocally positive titles like Seraphic Veil and Adorned Veil that evoke the dream-like possibilities of each composition, Paper Veils represents 'a massive celebration'.

PV264. Fulsome Veil, 2019 (59.5 x 42 cm)


Paper Veils pares down the monumental canvases of Hirst's Veil Paintings (2017), immersing viewers in his world of colour and sensuous artistic gesture on an intimate scale.

The Paper Veils series features 300 works in two sizes. The 100 large works, titled and numbered PV1-100, measure 84.2 x 59.6 cm, and are priced at US $45,000 (plus applicable taxes) each. The 200 smaller works, PV101-300, are 59.5 x 42 cm and priced at US $25,000 (plus applicable taxes).

Each painting has been signed and titled by Damien Hirst in oil paint on the verso. The paintings are oil on card, mounted on birch ply frames, with canvas webbing around the edges. The artworks can be hung any way up.

Visit HENI Gallery

All 300 Paper Veils are on display at the HENI Gallery. Admission to the gallery is free, with no appointment required.

HENI Gallery
6-10 Lexington St, London W1F 0LB,
United Kingdom
Open seven days a week, from 10am - 6pm GMT.


To ensure a fair and broad distribution, the Paper Veils are being sold on an application basis. If you would like to purchase a work, click 'Apply Now' below and fill out the application form.

Applications close at 5pm GMT on 6 December 2022.


You will be asked to provide some personal details, along with additional information to support your application. You may specify up to three preferred artworks from the series.


After applications have closed, HENI will carefully review each application and aim to have all allocations made by the end of January 2023. Successful applicants will have five days to complete payment.


We aim to dispatch the artworks within four weeks of payment being received. Timing is dependent on any potential delays.

Purchasing Window Opens

The prints are available to order from the 6th December 2022.



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