Drawings 1999-2021 – Gerhard Richter

2 min read  ·  01 Sep 2021

HENI Publishing’s new monograph devoted to Gerhard Richter’s recent drawings illustrates 80 works produced between 1999 and 2021.

Following in the steps of Gerhard Richter’s catalogue raisonné of drawings, published 20 years ago. Drawings 1999–2021 highlights a recent period of Richter's extraordinary creativity and inventiveness that includes expansive series of graphite drawings on paper, vivid works in ink and overpainted photographs of forests.

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Like the accompanying exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, London, this publication offers a rare chance to study the most intimate aspects of the artist’s work. A collection of 80 works in graphite and ink with rarely seen drawings by Gerhard Richter created between 1999 and 2021. With text by Michael Newman, Professor of Art Writing at Goldsmith's University, London.

Learn more about Richter's drawings in an exclusive tour of the Hayward Gallery exhibition with Goldsmiths Art Professor Michael Newman.

In the complementary HENI Talk, Gerhard Richter: Drawings, Professor Michael Newman explores Gerhard Richter's lesser-known and largely experimental drawing practice. Newman analyses the repertoire of Richter's mark-making and their connections to his remarkable achievements in painting, looking closely at works in pencil and charcoal, a series of over-painted photographs, and a set of rarely seen painterly works created using coloured inks.