Damien Hirst – Paper Veils

4 min read  ·  15 Nov 2022

Applications for 'Paper Veils', a series of 300 striking oil paintings on card by Damien Hirst, are now open on HENI Primary.

The 'Paper Veils' are a series of original paintings on paper, created by Damien Hirst between 2018 and 2019, in two different sizes. Applications are open for a limited time, closing at 5 p.m. GMT on 6 December 2022. Each application will be reviewed individually, and a manual allocation will take place to ensure a fair and broad distribution.

'Paper Veils' pares down the vast canvases of Hirst’s 'Veil Paintings' (2017), immersing viewers in their world of striking colour and sensuous artistic gesture on an intimate scale. Thick, clustered and colourful brushstrokes are organised into painted constellations forming seemingly infinite layers, which – like a veil – appear to both reveal and obscure.

**The series features 100 large works (84.2 x 59.6cm) and 200 smaller works (59.5 x 42cm). The large and smaller works are priced at US $45,000 and US $25,000 respectively, plus any applicable taxes. **

This release also marks the launch of HENI Primary, a new online platform built specifically for primary-market releases of original artworks. HENI Primary enables artists to release original works of art on a dedicated digital platform, bringing the traditional fine-art experience online.

All works from Damien Hirst’s 'Paper Veils' series will be on view at HENI Gallery from 16 November until 6 December 2022. The HENI Gallery will be open 10am–6pm daily during the application period.