Zaha Hadid: Sketching the Future

Zaha Hadid: Sketching the Future

Zaha Hadid revolutionised the language of architecture and transformed the way we think about design. An artist who sought to question everything taken for granted, she created some of the most spectacular buildings of the 20th and 21st centuries. Hans Ulrich Obrist, a curator, collaborator and longstanding friend, describes how Hadid's method began in her sketchbooks with 'superfluid' drawings, which reflected her belief in the connection between art and architecture.

Obrist traces Hadid's childhood in Baghdad, the formative influences of her family and her time studying at the Architectural Association in London, a highly experimental school where she was exposed to the ideas of the early twentieth century Russian avant-garde. Obrist goes on to explain how the development of digital technology allowed Hadid to realise her futurist ideas and create new possibilities in architecture, allowing her to seemingly 'defy gravity'.

This film is part of Brian Clarke's curated series, 'Cruising Culture'. He described the film as follows:

"I think this is a really sensitive and affectionate description of what Zaha's life was about. Hans Ulrich Obrist introduces the viewer to Zaha through her drawings, and that's a very delicate and original thing to do, and usually forgotten. Looking at her as an artist is a very helpful way to understand her language – the link to calligraphy, mathematics, and popular culture. It's a respectable and dignified appraisal of Zaha - my guess is that Zaha would have liked this little film herself."

Time Period:

21st century