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1 Minute 1 Work: Beautiful People

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David Wojnarowicz believed that drag queens are 'true revolutionaries' who colourfully disrupt the 'visual codes of gender.'A provocative figure in the New York City art world of the 1980s, Wojnarowicz was a painter, photographer, writer, filmmaker, performance artist and activist.

Curator Vincent Honoré narrates the unfolding of Wojnarowicz' final film Beautiful People (1988). The film, made in collaboration with Jesse Hultberg, follows Hultberg as he makes himself up, leaves the city and disappears -- fully clothed -- into a lake, the world erupting into technicolour as he does so. Honoré recognises the beauty and socio-political significance of this work, made 'at the climax of the aids crisis'.


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Vincent Honoré is Director of Exhibitions and Programmes at MoCo Montpellier Contemporain. In 2019, he guest curated the critically acclaimed Kiss My Genders exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, with Hayward Gallery Assistant Curator Tarini Malik and Curatorial Assistant Thomas Sutton. Honoré was also the curator of the Republic of Kosovo Pavilion for the 58th edition of the Venice International Art Biennial.

Honoré was a curator at Palais de Tokyo in Paris (2001-2004) and at Tate Modern in London (2004-2007), where he developed exhibitions and projects with Carol Bove, Pierre Huyghe, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Jeff Wall, Louise Bourgeois, Hans Haacke, and Catherine Sullivan, among others. In 2008, Honoré became the founding director and chief curator of DRAF (David Roberts Art Foundation) in London that he conceived as a factory of prototypes structured around research, production, and performativity. He has curated solo exhibitions of Oscar Tuazon, Keren Cytter, Neil Beloufa and Rosemarie Trockel, while Pierre Huyghe, Laure Prouvost, Rodney Graham, Sarah Lucas and John Bock have presented performances and live events. In 2011, Honoré co-founded Drawing Room Confessions, a series of books dedicated to one artist per issue, based on conversations and words only. He is a frequent contributor to Mousse Magazine and Cura Magazine and had been commissioned a number of texts for catalogues and books for Pierre Huyghe, Sarah Lucas, Bruce McLean, Bethan Huws, Daniel Buren, Nina Beier, and other artists.

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