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Terry Winters puts the science into abstract painting

1 min read  ·  16 Mar 2023

Terry Winters, detail, Center (2021), copyright of the artist, courtesy of Modern Art.

Terry Winters, a highly regarded US painter who is also known for vibrant prints and drawings underpinned by scientific ideas, is trending on HENI News after a flurry of auction sales.

Winters' HENI Score has surged by 150%, reflecting a series of strong auction results for the veteran US artist's works, particularly from the 1980s and 90s. He has also had solo shows in New York and London, featuring new abstract works in the artist's signature blend of bold patterns and colours, informed by an eclectic range of concepts and references.

Born in 1949 in New York, Winters first made his mark in the art world in the 1980s. His early works, with titles such as Botanical Subject and Siren, are characterised by their bold colours and geometric or organic shapes that suggest biological or cellular forms. In 2022, Winters' show ‘Signs, Games, Messages’ took place in his London gallery, Modern Art. The year before he showed at Matthew Marks, his longstanding New York gallery.

The New Yorker wrote that over the past four decades Winters' works have became more complex and layered, incorporating additional elements of chaos and randomness, physics and astronomy to his long standing interest in the natural world.

Winters has said: "I’m trying to engineer the paintings to the point where there is a likeness, a sense of life – that the abstract images are somehow real.”