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NFT Update: Sorare adds fiat payments; PROOF launches Grails IV; plus Top Sales

1 min read  ·  31 Jul 2023

Larva Labs, 'Autoglyph #346'.

Larva Labs, 'Autoglyph #346'.


  1. Crypto start-ups raised a total of $129m in venture funding last week.
  2. NFT-based fantasy sports platform Sorare now supports fiat payment options, removing the requirement for users to pay in ETH.
  3. PROOF Collective has launched its ‘Grails IV’ NFT drop, featuring “artworks from 20 artists whose identities will stay hidden until after collectors have minted their works”.
  4. NFT investment fund Curated has added Matt DesLauriers’ Meridian #290 and #900 to its collection.
  5. Yuga Labs’ Bored Ape Yacht Club #2651 was purchased for 275 ETH ($517k).
  6. Larva Labs’ Autoglyph #346 was purchased for 199 ETH ($373k).
  7. The SEC asked Coinbase to delist all cryptocurrencies except for Bitcoin prior to suing the crypto exchange, according to CEO Brian Armstrong.


  1. The Top 3 NFT Sales over the past 24 hours were CryptoPunk #5426 for 75 ETH ($139k), CryptoPunk #141 for 74 ETH ($138k), and CryptoPunk #8278 for 70 ETH ($130k).
  2. The Top 3 NFT Collections by Volume over the past 24 hours were Bored Ape Yacht Club with $1.9m (-59%), Gods Unchained with $981k (+40%), and Mutant Ape Yacht Club with $846k (-17%).
  3. The Top 3 NFT Marketplaces by Volume over the past 24 hours were Blur with $6.1m (-29%), OpenSea with $2.7m (+2%), and Immutable X Marketplace with $1m (+39%).
  4. The Total Crypto Market Capitalisation is $1.23t, a 1% decrease over the past 24 hours.