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NFT Update: $40m Web3 fund; HAPE creator acquired for $12m; plus Top Sales

1 min read  ·  24 May 2023

Digimental Studio acquired by Vertex Labs.


  1. Crypto venture capital firm Dispersion Capital has launched a new $40m fund that will invest in Web3 infrastructure projects.
  2. Singapore-based crypto investment firm Foresight Ventures has pledged another $10m for its Web3 accelerator.
  3. NFT marketplace NFTrade now allows traders to purchase NFTs on one blockchain while paying on a separate one, through an integration with cross-chain protocol Rarimo.
  4. Matter Labs, developer of Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution zkSync, has hired former Activision Blizzard exec Michael Lee to develop gaming on zkSync.
  5. Vertex Labs has acquired Digimental Studio, creator of the HAPE NFT collection, for $12m.


  1. The Top 3 NFT Sales over the past 24 hours are CryptoPunk #6106 for 168 ETH ($304k), CryptoPunk #6697 for 80 ETH ($148k), and CryptoPunk #6567 for 66 ETH ($122k).
  2. The Top 3 NFT Collections by Volume over the past 24 hours were Bored Ape Yacht Club with $4.5m (+25%), Milady Maker with $4.3m (+31%), and Azuki with $2.2m (+129%).
  3. The Top 3 NFT Marketplaces by Volume over the past 24 hours were Blur with $19.8m (+8%), OpenSea with $6.5m (-12%), and Immutable X Marketplace with $917k (-2%).
  4. The Total Crypto Market Capitalisation is $1.15t, a 2.7% decrease over the past 24 hours.