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Mason Rothschild tests the legal boundaries of NFT art

1 min read  ·  23 Mar 2023

Mason Rothschild, 'MetaBirkins', courtesy of the artist.

Mason Rothschild is an NFT artist in the spotlight due to his ongoing legal battle with French luxury Brand Hermès over his 'MetaBirkins' NFTs.

The Los Angeles-based digital artist has seen his HENI Score increase by 130% in the last three months due to widespread coverage of Hermès lawsuit against his NFT collection. To keep up to date with the artist, visit Rothschild's HENI News Dashboard.

Mason Rothschild gained notoriety for his 'MetaBirkins' NFTs, which depict luxury brand Hermès Birkin bags covered in faux fur and contemporary designs. Rothschild's art faced criticism for allegedly infringing Hermès trademark handbag and the French fashion house was successful with their lawsuit against the artist. Despite losing the case, Rothschild has continued to promote the 'MetaBirkins' NFTs on social media. Hermès is currently seeking to stop him profiting from the artworks and promoting them online. The artist is contesting the verdict.

Art critic and Andy Warhol biographer Blake Gopnik argues that the jury failed to appreciate the artistic value of Rothschild's 'MetaBirkins'. Nonetheless, Rothschild's unique approach to digital art has garnered attention and controversy in equal measure.

Rothschild recently collaborated with drinks brand Rosaluna Mezcal and French hardware wallet maker Ledger to throw a party during NFT LA.