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Jonas Lund pushes the boundaries of NFT art with 'inflammable' contract with Paris museum

1 min read  ·  16 Mar 2023

Jonas Lund, Smart Burn Contract - Hoarder (2021), courtesy of the artist.

Swedish artist Jonas Lund is the top trending NFT artist on HENI News after his work Smart Burn Contract - Hoarder (2021) was acquired by the Centre Pompidou.

Jonas Lund's HENI Score, which is based on his media coverage and market strength, increased by an impressive 163% recently. To keep up to date with the artist, see his HENI News Dashboard.

Lund is best known for his pioneering work, specifically his exploration of the intersection of art and the blockchain. His digital art piece MVP Most Valuable Painting is an online series of 512 digital paintings that change and evolve based on audience engagement data and sales.

The Centre Pompidou in Paris recently acquired a collection of NFT and blockchain-focused works, including a challenging conceptual piece by Lund. He donated his Smart Burn Contract (2021), an NFT work that comes with strings attached. If the terms written in the contract are not fulfilled, the artist says he will remove it from the owner's wallet.

Lund aims to push the boundaries of NFT art, for example the Jonas Lund Token DAO (2018–) allows participants to vote on projects the artist should produce in the virtual or real world.