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Five Artists in the News: Theaster Gates Goes Japanese, Nari Ward Makes a Stink and Ab-Ex Trailblazer Janet Sobel Gets Her Dues

3 min read  ·  02 Apr 2024

“Theaster Gates: Afro-Mingei”, the Chicago artist’s biggest show in Asia so far, opens at Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, on April 24

Here are the artists—and the places—in the headlines around the world, April 1-2.

Tokyo: Theaster Gates's first solo museum show in Japan, and his largest so far in Asia, opens at the Mori Art Museum this month. "Afro-Mingei" will feature never-before-seen works that reveal the influence of Japanese culture on Gates' art, writes Tokyo Art Beat.

Milan: Nari Ward's Super Stud (1994) is a pungent installation now on show in the artist’s retrospective that has opened at the Pirelli HangarBicocca. “The stench of fish” hits the nostrils of visitors, writes the Financial Times.

Houston: Janet Sobel, whose paintings impressed Jackson Pollock, disappeared from the art world at the height of her fame. Now, the pioneering female artist is getting her dues at the Menil, CNN reports.

Santo Domingo: Quisqueya Henríquez, the Cuban-born artist whose perplexing installations and sculptures contained a humorous edge, has died aged 58 in the Dominican Republic, ARTNews reports.

Lima: Francis Alÿs once moved a dune in Peru with the help of several hundred volunteers. Twenty years on, the Museo de Arte de Lima, known as MALI, revisits the Mexico City-based, Belgian artist’s masterwork, Arte al Dia reports.

"Miami: 'Every collector needs to realize you can't take it with you. The works will either go to an institution, which might not be able to show them; to your kids, who might not want them; or to an auction house,' the late museum founder Rosa de la Cruz once told The New York Times. 'It seems she decided to take the third option,' notes the Miami New Times, reacting to the news Christie’s is handling the sale of her collection."

- Collector Rosa de la Cruz