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Five Artists in the News: Jenny Holzer Is a Time Influencer, Maurizio Cattelan’s Jail-House Art and Ersan Mondtag Spooks Venice

3 min read  ·  18 Apr 2024

Jenny Holzer photographed by Djeneba Aduayom for TIME

Venice: Ersan Mondtag's “creepy and menacing” installation in the German pavilion makes it the “most out-there national” pavilion and an early hit of the Biennale, writes ARTnews.

Venice: Maurizio Cattelan is among the leading artists presenting work in a womens’ prison in Venice alongside inmates’ art, which is all part of the Vatican’s extraordinary Biennale exhibition.

Venice: Gabrielle Goliath, a South African artist with work on show in the Biennale, has joined fellow artists distancing themselves from the Outset Contemporary Art Fund. They object to the UK charity co-founder’s links to Israel.

New York: Jenny Holzer and LaToya Ruby Frazier are the artists you have made this year’s TIME magazine’s 100 “most influential people”.

New York: Anselm Kiefer’s photographs will go on show at Gagosian this month, featuring images the German artist has created since the late 1960s.

"‘I was one, but before that I was in utero. So it’s been every two years of my life from the womb onwards.’ Miles Greenberg tells Klaus Biesenbach, who has curated the artist’s Venice performance, why he has never missed a Biennale in his life."

- Interview magazine

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