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Five Artists in the News: Jeffrey Gibson’s Venice Flashpoint, Warhol’s Must-Have Marilyn Sells and Bernar Venet’s Name Change

3 min read  ·  17 Apr 2024

Protestors outside the US pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Courtesy of The Art Newspaper

Venice: Jeffrey Gibson’s US Pavilion was briefly overshadowed by a Pro-Palestine protest on day two of the Biennale. Protestors climbed on top of one of Gibson’s outdoor sculptures and marched through the Giardini, The Art Newspaper reports

Venice: Santiago Yahuarcaniand Claudia Alarcón are among the self-taught artists whose work stand-out in the Biennale’s main exhibition, writes Art in America.

Venice: Kapwani Kiwanga has installed thousands of glass beads made in nearby Murano in the Canadian pavilion in Venice. They are material “witnesses” to past events, she tells the Canadian Press.

Market: Andy Warhol’s 1967 Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn) screenprint led Christie's $7m Prints and Multiples Auction in New York. For more highlights, see the HENI News report.

New York: Chuck Close’s last paintings were recently revealed in a solo show at Pace. Some look like Close “simply stepped away from his easel expecting to return to complete them at any moment”, writes the Brooklyn Rail.

"‘To be honest, I am not sure why I did it anymore. Bernard is hybrid. Bernar without the final letter sounded stronger, more impactful, somehow more ‘black.’… It is closer to my tar-coated pieces,” Bernar Venet explains why he changed his first name from Bernard as his new show opens in Venice. "

- ARTnews

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