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Five Artists in the News: Ibrahim Mahama in the Pink, Yoshitomo Nara’s Leads Hong Kong Auctions and Why Lauren Halsey Hates Leaving South Central

3 min read  ·  08 Apr 2024

Ibrahim Mahama and the draped Barbican. Photograph by David Levene/The Guardian

London: Ibrahim Mahama has draped the Barbican, a brutalist art center, in thousands of metres of bright pink fabric, hand sewn in Ghana. “It contrasts with the grey British sky!”, he tells the Guardian.

Hong Kong: Yoshitomo Nara leads Sotheby's $80.99m evening auction and its $12.84m day auction. For the top lots and outperformers, see the HENI News reports.

Ho Chi Minh City: Dinh Q Le, who responded to Vietnam's turbulent history, has died aged 56. In a memorable video installation he restaged footage from Western films depicting the arrival of US military helicopters, which he combined with the memories of locals who witnessed the real thing, ARTnews reports.

Market: Yayoi Kusama was the auction world’s darling of 2023-4 with sales totaling $80.9m. It put her on top of the Hiscox Artist Top 100. You can download the full report HERE.

Los Angeles: Lauren Halsey opens the doors of her studio as her works head to the Venice Biennale. “The farther I go, the less I feel capable of happiness. I can only be happy here,” she tells GQ magazine talking South Central.

"‘I am fascinated by things that have hard-driving interior motivation and that tackle difficult questions. In other words, I like art that’s imperfect,’ says the curator Robert Storr, citing Dana Schutz’s ‘risky’ paintings and sculptors. ‘The fact that she doesn’t wholly succeed doesn’t bother me. I don’t expect anybody to wholly succeed.’ "

- Stirworld