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John Armleder makes Elmgreen & Dragset’s dream come true

2 min read  ·  19 Apr 2023

John Armleder’s red carpet, FSS Again (1986/2023), and drawing table and canvas, FS45 (1986). Installation “Room Service” with Elmgreen & Dragset, copyright the artists, courtesy Massimo de Carlo, Milan, 2023

John Armleder, a veteran Swiss artist and pioneering member of the influential Fluxus movement, is trending on HENI News.

Armleder's HENI Score, which is based on an artist’s media coverage and auction sales, increased by an impressive 154% recently. To keep up to date with the artist, see John M Armleder’s HENI Dashboard.

Abstract paintings by the artist, who was born in 1948, have garnered impressive prices at auctions, totalling $790,800 over the past two years. A 1995 untitled work sold for $42,100 at Christie's in Paris, more than two and a half times the high estimate. Buphthalmum salicifolium (2008) sold for $106,200 at Christie's in London, more than three and a half times its high estimate.

Armleder's work, which is difficult to categorize, often play with art history and the traditional concepts of art. Armleder is best known for his abstract "dot", "pour" and “puddle” paintings and his "furniture sculpture" in which he combines paintings with found objects, such as a sofa, chair or even dressing table.

His approach to art is typified by “Room Service”, a collaboration with the Scandinavian artist duo Elmgreen & Dragset in 2023. Together they transformed Massimo de Carlo’s gallery in Milan with their playful works and shared passion for unexpected uses of everyday objects. The exhibition resembled a quirky living space, blurring a home with a hotel room. The Swiss artist included his Painting with Coat Hanger (1984) and provided a red carpet, as well as wall paintings.

Michael Elmgreen said: “It has been a dream to make a show with him.” To which the Swiss artist replied without missing a beat: “And the dream has come true.”