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This Week’s Top Stories: Roman Abramovich’s $1bn Sanctioned Art Collection, Remembering Fernando Botero and Christo’s Masterworks Will Make a Paris Return

3 min read  ·  22 Sep 2023

Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, Lucian Freud, 1995.


Roman Abramovich’s Modern British Art Collection Better Than The Tate's

The Guardian's Art critic suggests the modern art collection of Roman Abramovich and his ex-wife Dasha Zukova is superior to the Tate Modern's over the same period. Due to UK government sanctions, the collection is unable to be shown publicly. (The Guardian)


Fernando Botero, Artist of Whimsical Rotundity, has Died at 91

Often spurned by the contemporary art world, the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, who has died aged 91, had a profound impact on Colombia's cultural landscape, as well as achieving global commercial success. (The New York Times)


Christo’s Masterwork Will Help Paris Host the Olympic Games

Paris is recycling the fabric and rope used in Christo and Jeanne Claude’s monumental installation Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped for the Olympic Games and other future uses. (ARTnews)


New York’s Foxy Production Closes After 20 Years

The veteran New York gallery, Foxy Productions, which helped launch the careers of artists including Sterling Ruby, will close its physical space in Chinatown this fall. It marks the end of two decades of presenting works by up-and-coming artists in solo shows. (ARTnews)


Why Donald Judd Was a Maximalist, Not a Minimalist

The artist’s son and curator Flavin Judd has organised a show in Seoul that explores Donald Judd’s links with Korea, where he served as an 18-year-old. Flavin Judd explains why Donald Judd was a maximalist artist and not the Minimalist many think. (W Magazine)

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