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Our designers closely collaborate with partners to support and develop the project's design intent and artistic vision, consulting engineers, contractors, craftspeople, and installation teams, to support each step of the project and ensure the highest standards. Our offering includes developing technical drawings; 3D mapping and AR/VR to explore placement, scale, materials, and potential issues; generating prototypes and maquettes; and finally installation and site supervision to ensure a safe and efficient execution within the timeline.

Technical Drawings & Engineering

Our designers closely collaborate with partners and creatives to understand the project's design intent and artistic vision. Throughout the process, they maintain a consistent dialogue to ensure these visions are honored and celebrated. Working with internal and external teams, our designers create technical drawings based on engineers' recommendations, ensuring structural integrity. This commitment to preserving the project's concept and artistic vision guides our team throughout the design and fabrication process.

Digital Modelling & Renders

Our design team has the capability to transform ideas or sketches into realistic 3D representations. We can place it within a rendered environment or AR/VR landscape, providing artists and partners with a visual understanding of how the project will appear in its intended setting. This allows for exploration of placement, scale, material options, and issue identification. Subsequently, our designers can generate the necessary file types for 3D printing, routing, and milling maquettes, prototypes, and casting patterns.

Materials & Construction Methods

Our designers analyse the project requirements and collaborate with partners and creatives to identify the most suitable material options and construction methods for bringing the project to life. During the design phase, they actively engage with our craftspeople to incorporate their valuable input and expertise. By doing so, our designers anticipate and address potential fabrication issues, ensuring a smooth transition from the design phase to the workshop floor.

Cost Planning & Programming

Our approach begins by understanding the project's unique creative vision. Working closely with our partners and creatives, we collaborate to explore, create, and present feasibility budgets and delivery programs that effectively address the project's requirements while preserving the integrity of the original creative vision. This comprehensive process ensures that the proposed budgets and programs meet the specific needs of the project while staying true to its artistic intent.

Installation Methodology

To ensure a seamless installation, our designers collaborate with partners, project managers, and craftspeople to thoroughly comprehend the installation location and space of the project. Through meticulous planning, problem-solving, and precise drawings, our designers facilitate the transportation and installation process, meeting all the necessary requirements for a successful project execution. Their expertise enables efficient coordination and execution of installations, resulting in a visually captivating and impactful outcome.

Site Supervision

Our experienced team closely monitors the process, ensuring adherence to design intent and specifications. They collaborate with contractors, craftspeople, and installation teams, ensuring safe and efficient execution within the timeline. Addressing challenges and coordinating with stakeholders, site supervision guarantees a successful and impactful realisation of public art.

Featured Projects

The Warrior and the Bear


The Warrior and the Bear

Damien Hirst

The Warrior and the Bear
713 x 260 x 203 cm

Considered Damien Hirst’s most complex project to date, the 189 works of Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable took almost 10 years to create. The coral-encrusted The Warrior and the Bear sculpture is one of several large-scale artworks created for the exhibition, measuring over 7 metres tall and made entirely out of bronze. The design and intricate detailing of the artworks required a team of specialist fabricators across the world. A 90 minute documentary-style film was released to chronicle the narrative of the exhibition.

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