Digital Marketing Specialists for Arts and Culture

Digital Marketing Specialists for Arts and Culture

Develop, implement, and analyse your unique digital strategy with our specialists

Our Portfolio

We have developed websites for Gerhard Richter, Francis Bacon, Damien Hirst, Sabine Moritz, Albert Irvin, Serpentine Galleries, Prix Pictet and more.

What we offer

Digital and Social Strategy

Whether your goal is to improve brand awareness, increase web traffic or generate quantifiable leads, we utilise a holistic approach to deliver digital marketing success.

Content Creation

It requires a finely honed content plan to cut through the noise. We can create bespoke content for social and websites from the planning, filming and editing.

Analytics and Market Research

HENI Digital can provide in-depth analysis of social media accounts against your specific aims and KPIs. We use this to supply actionable recommendations for your inhouse team.

Social Media Advertising

It’s easy to boost social posts but it’s much harder to generate a cost effective ROI. We can develop and implement ad campaigns that suit your needs.

Filming and Live Streaming

Our content creators ensure that your digital strategy is executed with the visual appeal it deserves. We can offer filming, editing, and live streaming services.

Team Training

Our team of specialists can share insights and best practices through our comprehensive team training services. We can offer team training on a wide variety of subjects.

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