Vegan Art: A Book of Visual Protest – Tommy Kane

1 min read  ·  07 Oct 2021

Vegan Art: A Book of Visual Protest, a collection of pro-vegan artworks by 21 contemporary artists assembled by activist and illustrator Tommy Kane

Now available from HENI Publishing, Vegan Art: A Book of Visual Protest features a preface by Kane, a mock-foreword by an unborn baby, and a groundbreaking collection of over 200 pro-vegan artworks created by illustrators, cartoonists, photographers, and painters eager to inform and awaken the public through their art.

Artists include: Tommy Kane, Helen Barker, Melinda Hegedus, Philip McCulloch-Downs, Rob MacInnis, Milk DoNg Comics, Dan Piraro, Sue Coe, Jane Lewis, Hartmut Kiewert, Jo-Anne McArthur, Tommy Flynn, Caroletta, Chantal Poulin Durocher, Andrew Tilsley, Jo Frederiks, Cameron O’Steen, Dana Ellyn, Roland Straller, Cynical Coyote and Kate Louise Powell.

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Purposefully graphic and controversial – from utopian visions of a vegan world to brutal mutilations of non-human animals and dystopian portrayals of overconsumption in industrial agriculture – Tommy Kane and his fellow artists are unflinching in their advocation of veganism and animal rights.

"I make photographs of farm animals using methods designed to intoxicate the viewer and overwhelm them with sympathy. They are designed to make us question our own impulse to eagerly accept the reality that we desire, even while knowing it cannot be true."

- Rob Maccinnis in Vegan Art