Dr. James Fox: The World According to Colour

2 min read  ·  03 Feb 2022

HENI Art Club is proud to present a talk by Dr. James Fox, Cambridge art historian and award-winning broadcaster, exploring the history and cultural significance of colour.

Drawing on art, literature, philosophy, science, anthropology and much more, Dr James Fox explores humankind’s extraordinary relationship with seven primary colours – black, red, yellow, blue, white, purple and green. Drawing on the themes and ideas presented in his latest book 'The World According to Colour: A Cultural History', Dr Fox traces colours' meanings to humankind to show how they have changed and multiplied, and the role that they have played in our culture and history, allows us to see many of the milestones in the history of art - from Bronze Age gold-work to Turner, Titian to Yves Klein - in a new way.

Through a series of voyages ranging across the world and throughout history, Dr Fox searches out the meanings that have been attached to the colours we see around us, and explores how these have shaped our cultures and imagination.

All attendees will be issued digital HATs (HENI Attendance Tokens) after the event. HENI Art Club members will also be able to watch a recording of Dr. James Fox's talk on the website.

"James Fox’s passionate and illuminating exploration of the extraordinary relationship we have with colour is itself extraordinary."

- Edmund de Waal