The Spirit is Weak but the Flesh is Willing – Martin Eder

2 min read  ·  01 Oct 2021

Available from HENI Publishing,The Spirit is Weak but the Flesh is Willing, an exhibition catalogue accompanying the solo exhibition of new paintings by Berlin-based artist Martin Eder.

Published in a black fabric hardcover with black foil text, the catalogue includes a conversation with Martin Eder, Damien Hirst and Tim Marlow.

Eder’s paintings examine beauty and ugliness, depicting kittens and wide-eyed puppies alongside uncompromising nudes and more sinister and surreal encounters.

The new series of paintings describe a descent into hell – as in Dante’s Inferno – into the deeper regions of the subconscious mind and its dreams. Martin Eder‘s work can be read as coded irony, a melancholic intermediary stage in the cosmos of New Objectivity, sharp, cynical, anti-attitude, contemporary figurative painting and installation. He is concerned with the issues of metaphysics: the quest for the cognition of the underlying structure and principles of reality.

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The works are full of hidden meanings, secret messages, stories and unsolved mysteries. There is a sense of something uncanny lurking behind each and every corner. In the title of the show, which itself is a reversal of the well-known biblical quote, the artist says he is attempting to describe the post-pandemic state of mind in which we find ourselves.