The Empresses redemption period is now open

2 min read  ·  02 Aug 2022

'The Empresses' NFT Deed holders can now redeem their NFTs for their physical prints.

To start the redemption process, click here and select the NFTs you would like to redeem.

Please note that the shipping costs do not include taxes, customs duties and fees that may be levied directly by your local customs authority (or collected during the redemption flow if you are in the UK).

HENI aims to dispatch prints within 3 months of the NFT Deed being redeemed, but timing is dependent on demand, COVID-19 restrictions, and delays. 'The Empresses' prints will be shipped from the UK. Prints cannot be collected in-person, and can only be received by delivery.

Upon completion of the redemption, the NFT Deed is destroyed. This is a one-way process and can not be reversed.

The redemption period closes at 10 a.m. ET 5 February 2025.