The Artist as a Transgressive Witness to History – Dr. Brad Evans

2 min read  ·  29 Jun 2022

HENI Art CLub presents 'The Artist as a Transgressive Witness to History', a talk by Dr. Brad Evans.

Professor of Political Violence & Aesthetics at the University of Bath, Dr. Brad Evans joins HENI Art Club for a presentation and discussion that considers the importance of art in providing a transgressive witness to history. The talk calls upon some of the most influential names from art history who have used their work as a means to explore and document significant events. Featured artists include Goya and his infamous 'Disasters of War' series (and Jake & Dinos Chapman’s later ‘rectification’ of these works), Francis Bacon, and Mark Rothko.

During the livestream there will be an opportunity for atendeeds to ask Dr. Evans any questions they may have, so make sure to have those ready to type in the Q&A box.

For those unable to attend the event on the night, a recording will be uploaded to the Previous Events page on the HENI Art Club website for members to watch at a later date. A HENI Art Club membership is required to attend the event - sign up using code BRADEVANS1 to get your first month free!

All attendees will be issued digital HATs (HENI Attendance Tokens) after the event.