Surrealism and Objects: Expanding the Idea of Reality

3 min read  ·  18 Aug 2023

Explore the works of Dalí, Duchamp, and other Surrealists in the latest HENI Talk,* Surrealism and Objects: Expanding the Idea of Reality*.

Surrealism, a movement that began nearly a century ago, has long captivated the imaginations of artists and art enthusiasts alike. Its ability to challenge conventional thinking and portray the world in new and unexpected ways remains as compelling as ever. In the latest HENI Talk, Surrealism and Objects: Expanding the Idea of Reality, art historian Dawn Aides dives into the mesmerising world of Surrealist objects, illuminating their profound impact on art and our perception of reality.

The video takes the viewer on a fascinating journey through the various dimensions of Surrealist art. By focusing on specific objects, it uncovers the underlying ideas that drive this ground-breaking movement, such as the intersection of the mundane with the fantastical and the deliberate distortion of the ordinary to create something extraordinary.

From Salvador Dalí's telephones to Marcel Duchamp's birdcage filled with marble cubes, the video presents an array of unique and provocative artworks that exemplify the Surrealists' desire to challenge and redefine the conventional. In turn, it reveals the multifaceted nature of a movement that sought to transcend the limitations of traditional artistic expression.

Whether you are a seasoned art lover or new to the world of Surrealism, this HENI Talk offers a captivating and insightful exploration of a movement that has shaped our understanding of art and reality. Discover how Surrealism continues to intrigue, challenge, and inspire, offering a fresh perspective on the world today.