Suad Al-Attar – Nesma Shubber

3 min read  ·  10 Nov 2022

Discover Suad Al-Attar, an extensively illustrated monograph featuring more than 100 expressive and surrealistic artworks by one of Iraq’s most renowned artists.

Written by the artist’s granddaughter, writer and art historian Nesma Shubber, the book offers unique access to the career of a truly sensational artist and painter. In beautifully written prose, Shubber tells the story of her grandmother’s life and work. Beginning with the artist’s early formative years in Baghdad and her arrival in London in 1976, we discover the origins of Al-Attar’s international career up to the present day in a highly personal account of an extraordinary woman and artist.

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For the first time, this book brings together treasured drawings and paintings carefully selected from the artist’s archive to form the most comprehensive published collection of work by Suad Al-Attar as well as a rare document of her remarkable life.

"This is a personal story of a great pioneering artist whose life is set against the backdrop of the modern history of Iraq, with all its complexity and tragedy. Throughout every chapter of her life, Al-Attar has been sustained by art."

- Venetia Porter, Forword to Saud Al-Attar