Lobeda – Sabine Moritz

2 min read  ·  07 Jun 2022

Lobeda by Sabine Moritz is now available from HENI Publishing

First published in 2010, in Lobeda Sabine Moritz (b. 1969) remembers her childhood in a prefab housing estate near Jena, Germany through 149 pencil drawings.

The Neulobeda district is a densely populated area characterised by high-rise concrete buildings and modernist urban planning. This urban landscape had a profound effect on the young Moritz, which would later manifest itself in her work. While studying at the Offenbach University of Art and Design, Moritz began drawing her memories of Lobeda. The first body of her drawings from the early 1990s is published here.

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Moritz sketches the bus stations, tramways and high-rise blocks of Lobeda. Details are included of windows, balconies and entranceways overlooking roads and pavements meandering between them. Inside, communal stairwells with winding banisters lead to private living spaces furnished with chairs, beds, table lamps, and coat pegs that are etched in the artist’s memory.