JR – Les Falaises du Trocadéro

3 min read  ·  07 Oct 2022

HENI Leviathan is delighted to release a set of four prints by JR, 'Les Falaises du Trocadéro', published by HENI Editions.

The monumental and participative aspects of JR's works invite the audience to immerse themselves in the art, leading to a new approach that is more accessible and interactive.

The images show the extraordinary installation by JR at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The set depicts a variety of lights and scenes captured at the exact point of anamorphosis, on the first days of the installation in May 2021.

jr-les-falaises-du-trocadero - Carousel 1-0
jr-les-falaises-du-trocadero - Carousel 1-1
jr-les-falaises-du-trocadero - Carousel 1-2

Trompe l'oeil, Les Falaises du Trocadéro, 21 mai 2021, 20h03, Paris, France, 2021 (JR1-1), JR, 2021

The prints are Giclée laminated with G-gloss, mounted on 3mm dibond, measuring 64x 96 cm. They are available for a limited time only, and the number of editions produced will be limited by demand during the application period, ending 18 October at 9pm.

Each edition is hand-signed by the artist and is uniquely numbered. HENI is accepting cryptocurrency payments for this drop, as well as credit and debit cards.

JR – 'Les Francais du Trocadéro'
Series: JR1
Medium: Giclée Print Laminated with G-gloss, Mounted on 3mm Dibond
Details: Signed and numbered on label
Dimensions: 64 x 96 cm
Date: 2021

Edition Sizes:
JR1-1: 580
JR1-2: 472
JR1-3: 247
JR1-4: 292