Street Art, Fine Art – Ingrid Beazley

1 min read  ·  31 Mar 2014

Street Art, Fine Art presents a collection of classic fine artworks by old masters reinterpreted by today's most cutting-edge street artists.

In this book, curator Ingrid Beazley draws parallels between classic and contemporary styles. She showcases how works from the Dulwich Picture Gallery's permanent collection of old master paintings, including works by Rembrandt, Rubens, Gainsborough, Van Dyke, Poussin, and Murillo, have influenced works by street artists in the gallery's local area such as MadC, ROA, REKA, RUN, Phlegm, Thierry Noir, Conor Harrington, and Stik.

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In this original and intelligent project, international street artists painted walls and pavements of Dulwich with their radical interpretations of some of the world's best-loved classical paintings: from Christ Carrying the Cross to The Massacre of the Innocents, The Linley Sisters and The Triumph of David. Street Art, Fine Art presents the artworks from conception to completion, through the various stages of development, and in the process asks poignant questions about what art is, and what it can be.