Introducing the New HENI Homepage

1 min read  ·  08 Nov 2022

HENI is proud to present the brand-new HENI homepage, redesigned provide an interactive selection of what HENI has to offer

The elegant layout provides an intuitive, cohesive way of experiencing all the HENI brands, which offer a wide portfolio of products and services, all stemming from a shared mission of making art accessible to everyone.

The new digital dashboard will be continuously updated with the latest HENI projects, news, and services, highlighting a small selection of what each HENI branch offers.

Visit the new homepage to explore our latest editions by Damien Hirst or keep up with art and NFT headlines on HENI News. If you’re keen to learn more about art history, you can watch stories of art from world-leading experts through HENI Talks, or sign up for HENI Art Club to hear them speak at our exclusive, monthly events.