Damien Hirst's The Currency: Chronicles Vol. 1

2 min read  ·  16 Sep 2022

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Damien Hirst's The Currency: Chronicles Vol. 1 offers a unique insight into The Currency, an NFT project investigating the boundaries of money and art.

This highly successful project, which is in itself a social experiment, has helped introduce fine art and NFTs to a new audience. The volume features a foreword by Stephen Fry, introductions by the HENI team, and more than 150 ‘chronicles’ created by members of the HENI Discord community (along with statistics, photographs, original quotations, and interesting facts). The book also includes a visual timeline showing the history of The Currency, as well as an infographic section with detailed information about many data points, including burns, trading, and the community itself. The endpapers of the publication list the 2,000 most active members of The Currency community on the HENI Discord.

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The Currency: Chronicles provides a detailed summary of the background, logic, and methodology of the project, explaining what motivated Hirst to create The Currency and launch it as his first NFT collection. It details the production and unique naming process of the 10,000 artworks, along with Hirst’s relationship to and interactions with the community his project has created.

Published as a hardback with a matte laminate finish on the cover and featuring embossed varnished lettering taken from details of The Currency artworks, the book will be available at the Newport Street Gallery shop from 22 September. It can also be ordered online through the HENI Publishing website.